Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Disposing Garbage in Fukuoka

I recently moved out from my parents' place to live in Fukuoka City on my own. The new place is near my work place, which takes only ten minutes on foot. It is like a dream come true because it used to take about two hours to commute! Even if by chance I cannot renew my current job contract, I have more choices to find a new job than living in my parents' place.

I'm getting accustomed to this city but the most surprising thing is disposing our garbage. First of all, a garbage collection truck comes at night. In other places, it usually comes in the morning. Secondly, in places where I have lived, we had to separate plastics, magazines and newspapers, or kitchen garbage. However, these are all combustible in this city. It is easy for us to dispose it, but it is definitely not eco-friendly, is it?

Then, what can we do for an eco-friendly life in this city?
First, use a bicycle as mush as possible. Secondly, use an electric fan instead of an air conditioner as much as possible in the summer. Thirdly, try not to buy plastic bottles to reduce our garbage. I usually bring my thermos with tea. Fourthly, try to use recycled or energy-saving devices. However, new energy-saving home appliances are so expensive that I bought a used fridge and a used washing machine this time.

What else? I think separating garbage is very important for an eco-friendly life. The city government ought to reconsider it.

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