Thursday, May 29, 2008

Terrible Crime

A horrifying homicide in Tokyo has shaken the nation now. About a month ago, a 33-year-old suspect tried to rape a 22-year-old girl who lived next-door but one. However, she screamed and resisted him, of course, so he killed her, tore her body apart and dumped them at somewhere... The police have not found her body yet. Before the suspect was arrested, he answered a press interview in front of his apartment and pretended not to know her at all.

The thing is that he was a typical guy-next-door. According to the press, his old classmates said that he was very quiet and did not look weird at all. Therefore, it must have been totally out of the blue for the victim.

How can we recognize whether our neighbors, co-workers or acquaintances are trustworthy? How can we prevent such tragedies? I cannot agree with the rankings that Japan is the fifth most peaceful country in the world.

Speaking of which, I heard that some criminals commit crimes because they want to get the death penalty. It's too easy, isn't it!? They should have to live with their guilt for the rest of their lives. I think that it is the only way for them to take responsibility for what they have done.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Most Peaceful Nation

I saw an article about the rankings of the most peaceful nation in the world. Iceland is ranked at the top. Denmark, Norway and New Zealand follow it, and the fifth is Japan.

The reason why is that the level of violent crime, the likelihood of violent demonstrations and the number of homicides in Japan are among the lowest in the world. I can understand that the likelihood of violent demonstrations is low, because they are not familiar to us. However, I was very surprised at the level of violent crime and the number of homicides. I personally think that it is getting dangerous in Japan now.

First of all, I hear news of homicides almost everyday. Some people kill their family with cold-blooded methods… Secondly, we often hear news related to domestic violence and the abuse of children. Thirdly, the number of crimes for fun has increased, I personally think. Some suspects do not seem to have seriously reflected on what they have done. Therefore, many people think that the myth that Japan is completely safe has broken down.

In other words, in other countries, there are more homicides and violent crimes than in Japan. I do not think that I can live in such countries… I should be thankful that I was born in Japan.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Never Too Late

This is one of my favourite songs.


Life has its ups and downs and worries. Everyone always thinks what kind of person they want to be, what kind of job they want to do and how to live his/her life. However, I am personally dubious that a person often changes his/her mind or there is a lack of consistency in what he/she says.

One of my friends is like that. She has been a temporary worker for a long time so she wants to get a permanent post now. I really hope that she can get a good position, but to me she does not seem to have figured out what she really wants to do.

For these past three years, she has tried to get many kinds of qualifications such as interpreter-guide, registered customs specialist, professional translator, DTP editor and so on. The problem is that she has never finished any of them and gives up all too quickly. Now she is interested in taking a correspondence course about patent translations… I personally think that it is too difficult for her. The reason why is that she gave up on being a translator for engineering in the past, and she does not have any technology or medical background. In addition, I know how difficult it is to apply for a new patent even in Japanese from my old engineering experience. I told her about it, but she has not changed her mind yet.

I cannot talk so big to her since she is older than I. I just wish she could achieve something.