Friday, October 23, 2009

Job Seeker

I am a job seeker now. My ex-workplace gave me notice that they would not renew my contract again in July, and my contract finished at the end of September. I have applied to some companies and registered with some employment agencies. However, it is really hard to get a good job.

First of all, since this financial crisis occurred last year, there are very few job offers, especially in local cities. Thus, there is a lot of competition for one position.

Secondly, there is still an age limit at some companies. One company told me not to apply for them because I am over 30. In spite of which, they want experienced workers in their industry. Huh? They don't know the real world, do they?

Not only I, but also many people are looking for a job now. Whenever I go to "Hello Work", which is a government employment office, there are many people in there. Even at the employment agencies, I see many male job seekers whom I had never seen before. (I had seen female job seekers only at employment agencies.) Every time I go such places, I realize there are many job seekers.

However, American executives at companies bailed out with taxpayer's money still get a huge salary. Many people have lost their jobs even in their country. Therefore, I think the US government made the right decision to order pay cuts.

Anyway, I really want to get a new job soon…!