Monday, October 8, 2012

Travel to Hong Kong and Macau

I totally forgot to blog here for a long time...

This summer, I went on a trip to Hong Kong and Macau with my friend for the first time. Our main purpose was to visit buildings which were registered as world heritage in Macau.

Macau is very wonderful and interesting place. We can see very old Chinese buildings mainly, Portuguese ones sometimes and very neon casinos. Most people speak Chinese, but I had no idea it was Mandarin or Cantonese. Some people cannot speak English at all so that we had to point at a picture or menu name to order foods.

We walked a lot there. We visited all 30 world heritage places in one day. However, there are so many ups and downs, many stone-flagged streets are killing my foot. Looking back, we should have used bus more, which is much cheaper Japanese one.

Where was the most impressive place for me?  I think it was St. Lawrence Church and Sedina Square. The church was very beautiful, especially turquoise blue ceiling. Regarding Sedina Square, we visited there many times because we originated there to visit other places every day during our stay.

Then, what was the most impressive food for me? Well, it's kind of difficult. Most foods in Hong Kong and Macau were very very yummy! I can't choose one. I absolutely recommend you rice soup in Hong Kong and Portuguese foods in Macau.

Anyway, we enjoyed all places where we visited. If I have a chance to visit again, I would like to visit Hong Kong mainly next time. I want to visit Stanley area where I had no time this time.