Monday, October 8, 2012

Travel to Hong Kong and Macau

I totally forgot to blog here for a long time...

This summer, I went on a trip to Hong Kong and Macau with my friend for the first time. Our main purpose was to visit buildings which were registered as world heritage in Macau.

Macau is very wonderful and interesting place. We can see very old Chinese buildings mainly, Portuguese ones sometimes and very neon casinos. Most people speak Chinese, but I had no idea it was Mandarin or Cantonese. Some people cannot speak English at all so that we had to point at a picture or menu name to order foods.

We walked a lot there. We visited all 30 world heritage places in one day. However, there are so many ups and downs, many stone-flagged streets are killing my foot. Looking back, we should have used bus more, which is much cheaper Japanese one.

Where was the most impressive place for me?  I think it was St. Lawrence Church and Sedina Square. The church was very beautiful, especially turquoise blue ceiling. Regarding Sedina Square, we visited there many times because we originated there to visit other places every day during our stay.

Then, what was the most impressive food for me? Well, it's kind of difficult. Most foods in Hong Kong and Macau were very very yummy! I can't choose one. I absolutely recommend you rice soup in Hong Kong and Portuguese foods in Macau.

Anyway, we enjoyed all places where we visited. If I have a chance to visit again, I would like to visit Hong Kong mainly next time. I want to visit Stanley area where I had no time this time.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

During new year holidays, my brother's family and I stayed at our parents' place. Since my brother got married and his son was born last year, it was the first time for my sister-in-law and nephew to spend time together for such a long time.

My nephew, Yuuto, who is 4 months old, is very easygoing, but is getting interested in everything. He absolutely became expressive of his feelings more than when I went to see him two weeks before. How quickly he is growing up! He liked bright colours, jingle of bells, music, touching what he saw, getting attention from us, and girls. However, he does not like cameras. Therefore, my father could not take pictures of his smiling. All his actions were really cute, so that my parents and I were fighting over him to hold ad play. I really want my baby some day.

However, Japan is facing the serious concerns of rapid aging and very low birthrate now. I think it is because insecure employment situation. Permanent workers are decreasing, temporary ones are increasing rapidly, so that many people cannot make a steady income. Thus, they cannot afford to have their families. The Japanese government gives money to families who have young children, but I do not think it works. The government had better provide support for the employment of young and middle generations, and supports their marriage.

Regarding of myself, I think I should eat cheese because someone on TV said cheese contains PEA, which is love hormone. I am not sure if it is true, but it is worth to try.

These are my new year resolutions: get a good job after the current contract will be end, and eat cheese to find my Mr. right!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Eight-Month Study

Oh, my goodness. I have not written my diary for a long time. What have I been doing?

I got a job last December on a contract that will end next February, because the permanent employee who is currently on maternity leave will be back. Therefore, I decided to pass the book-keeping examination to help get a new job next year. So, why bookkeeping?

First of all, I have been interested in it since I was working as an income tax and return service agent in Vancouver. Secondly, the agency told me that having a bookkeeping skill is useful all over the world. Thirdly, the tuition fee is not so expensive compared with other examinations in Japan.

I started to go to school in March, and passed the third grade of the exam in June. I kept going to school to pass the second grade, and took it yesterday. The test result will be announced on December 14th. According to the example answer by the school, I think I have managed to pass it! I can't wait for the result.

Studying new things is interesting. I think I can enjoy it more than when I was a student. Of course, it is much harder to master things than when I was younger, but much more fun. I really hope that I have passed yesterday's exam and will get a good job next year!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Job Seeker

I am a job seeker now. My ex-workplace gave me notice that they would not renew my contract again in July, and my contract finished at the end of September. I have applied to some companies and registered with some employment agencies. However, it is really hard to get a good job.

First of all, since this financial crisis occurred last year, there are very few job offers, especially in local cities. Thus, there is a lot of competition for one position.

Secondly, there is still an age limit at some companies. One company told me not to apply for them because I am over 30. In spite of which, they want experienced workers in their industry. Huh? They don't know the real world, do they?

Not only I, but also many people are looking for a job now. Whenever I go to "Hello Work", which is a government employment office, there are many people in there. Even at the employment agencies, I see many male job seekers whom I had never seen before. (I had seen female job seekers only at employment agencies.) Every time I go such places, I realize there are many job seekers.

However, American executives at companies bailed out with taxpayer's money still get a huge salary. Many people have lost their jobs even in their country. Therefore, I think the US government made the right decision to order pay cuts.

Anyway, I really want to get a new job soon…!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Disposing Garbage in Fukuoka

I recently moved out from my parents' place to live in Fukuoka City on my own. The new place is near my work place, which takes only ten minutes on foot. It is like a dream come true because it used to take about two hours to commute! Even if by chance I cannot renew my current job contract, I have more choices to find a new job than living in my parents' place.

I'm getting accustomed to this city but the most surprising thing is disposing our garbage. First of all, a garbage collection truck comes at night. In other places, it usually comes in the morning. Secondly, in places where I have lived, we had to separate plastics, magazines and newspapers, or kitchen garbage. However, these are all combustible in this city. It is easy for us to dispose it, but it is definitely not eco-friendly, is it?

Then, what can we do for an eco-friendly life in this city?
First, use a bicycle as mush as possible. Secondly, use an electric fan instead of an air conditioner as much as possible in the summer. Thirdly, try not to buy plastic bottles to reduce our garbage. I usually bring my thermos with tea. Fourthly, try to use recycled or energy-saving devices. However, new energy-saving home appliances are so expensive that I bought a used fridge and a used washing machine this time.

What else? I think separating garbage is very important for an eco-friendly life. The city government ought to reconsider it.