Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Most Peaceful Nation

I saw an article about the rankings of the most peaceful nation in the world. Iceland is ranked at the top. Denmark, Norway and New Zealand follow it, and the fifth is Japan.

The reason why is that the level of violent crime, the likelihood of violent demonstrations and the number of homicides in Japan are among the lowest in the world. I can understand that the likelihood of violent demonstrations is low, because they are not familiar to us. However, I was very surprised at the level of violent crime and the number of homicides. I personally think that it is getting dangerous in Japan now.

First of all, I hear news of homicides almost everyday. Some people kill their family with cold-blooded methods… Secondly, we often hear news related to domestic violence and the abuse of children. Thirdly, the number of crimes for fun has increased, I personally think. Some suspects do not seem to have seriously reflected on what they have done. Therefore, many people think that the myth that Japan is completely safe has broken down.

In other words, in other countries, there are more homicides and violent crimes than in Japan. I do not think that I can live in such countries… I should be thankful that I was born in Japan.

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