Saturday, May 10, 2008


Life has its ups and downs and worries. Everyone always thinks what kind of person they want to be, what kind of job they want to do and how to live his/her life. However, I am personally dubious that a person often changes his/her mind or there is a lack of consistency in what he/she says.

One of my friends is like that. She has been a temporary worker for a long time so she wants to get a permanent post now. I really hope that she can get a good position, but to me she does not seem to have figured out what she really wants to do.

For these past three years, she has tried to get many kinds of qualifications such as interpreter-guide, registered customs specialist, professional translator, DTP editor and so on. The problem is that she has never finished any of them and gives up all too quickly. Now she is interested in taking a correspondence course about patent translations… I personally think that it is too difficult for her. The reason why is that she gave up on being a translator for engineering in the past, and she does not have any technology or medical background. In addition, I know how difficult it is to apply for a new patent even in Japanese from my old engineering experience. I told her about it, but she has not changed her mind yet.

I cannot talk so big to her since she is older than I. I just wish she could achieve something.


Jeff said...

You could say that your friend is consistent - in her inconsistency. Sometimes it just takes a while for people to find their niche. Some people never find it. Just keep being a friend. She may need that more than a career.

I just happened to stumble onto your blog, btw, and though that since you just got started you might like a comment or two.


joyful said...

Thanks for your comment.
Actually, all of her friends, including me, did not agree with her decision so that she felt lonely and cried. Maybe we said too much... I have to say sorry to her.

So, we decided to respect her decision whatever she does.