Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Questions about my culture

I saw the South Korean President on a TV talk show last night. I did not watch it all, but he talked to over 1,000 people on the show. He said, "I'm not the best person, but I desire to be a person who tries to do his best all the time." Also, he thinks that we must not forget the past history between Korea and Japan, but we should develop close friendly relations together. I think that he made a good impression on us. I really hope we can be closer.

Speaking of which, I have something on my mind. The reason why the President made a good impression on us was that he was humble. Then, why do people, especially Japanese, like such a humble person? In Japan, modesty is a virtue and we have several kinds of honorifics such as respectful, humble and polite language. The book, "The Tale of Genji", which was written in the tenth century, already used a lot of honorific expressions so that it has a very long history. In addition, we should not express our emotions openly, but why? I would like to know why humbleness and not expressing our emotions are important for us. In spite of the fact that I tried to find it out on the Internet, I have not got any information yet. Is there anyone who could tell me about it?

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