Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Final Rehearsal

The Hakata Yamakasa Festival is drawing near to the climax. I went to see “Oiyama Narashi”, which was the final rehearsal, on Saturday. Eight floates are carried and run through the town and vie for speed. Many people were waiting for two hours. It was tiring to wait under the hot and humid weather, but I really wanted to see it since I have not seen it yet.

The first carried float starts at 15:59. The floats goes into Kushida Shrine, makes a round of a long pole called “Seido” and all men sing a song called “Hakata Iwai Uta” which is a traditional song of celebration in Hakata. The only men who carry the first float are allowed to sing it. Then the float goes out of the shrine and runs through the town. The other floats start every five minutes later in order.

The right float is so big, as well as a decorated float, that I could enjoy the dynamic and brave running.

It was really hot and humid on that day but I enjoyed it. The finale is in the early morning on the 15th of July. I am going to see it with a few friends and really looking forward to seeing it!

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