Monday, November 3, 2008

Pilates Trial

I went to a Pilates trial lesson today. I have been interested in Pilates or Yoga for a long time but I could not afford it. Then I finally found a nice studio at a reasonable lesson fee in Daimyo, Fukuoka, and asked for a trial.

I was the only person for today’s trial so an instructor taught me one-on-one, which was lucky for me.

First of all, she taught me how to breathe. We need to do diaphragmatic respiration during Pilates, not abdominal ones. It looked difficult at first, but I actually was able to do it easily. Secondly, she checked my distortion in my posture and modified it. She pointed out that I had such poor abdominal muscles that I had a poor posture. In addition, my body leans a little to the left because I often hold my bag on my right side. Finally, I lay face up and learnt how to do up-and-down movements of my arms or legs whilst keeping the proper diaphragmatic respiration and posture, which was very hard.

However, the instructor told me that I did not do badly for my first try. It might have been flattery, but I was glad. Moreover, I enjoyed the trial and felt refreshed. Therefore, I decided to take lessons from next week.

I believe that continuing to practice Pilates is good for my health. Thus, I will try it as long as possible.

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