Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I had a nightmare a few days ago. When I was walking on a street, I saw a lot of dead, bloody, cats and big dogs. I did not know why black ones only. It was a little scary, but I kept walking down the street. I usually forget what I dream. However, when I saw a headless pigeon, which was real and shocking to me, it brought back a memory.

I have heard that dreams we see sometimes have a message to us. Therefore, I checked out a few websites about oneirocritics.

First of all, black cats mean that something bad could happen to me. However, it also means that I could meet someone of the opposite sex. Secondly, hurt or old dogs mean that something bad could happen, and especially big dogs mean people around me. Thirdly, although black means that something bad could happen, I have a strong power to get over it. Fourthly, dead animals mean that I have a low self-e steem now, which is actually true. Finally, bleeding means spending money or a signal of a disease.

From all of the above, I guess that something bad could happen to me or to the people around me, but I could get over it. Of course, I am not sure but I should be careful of. As it happens, I was going to visit a few temples with my friend on that day. Thus, I prayed for my happiness very much. I really hope that it works!

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