Monday, April 14, 2008


IIBC sent me an e-mail so that I was able to check my TOEIC score on their website from today that I took on 23rd March. The Official Score Certificate will reach me next week.

I scored 770 this time; listening section 405 and reading section 365. It was slightly higher than before, but my listening score hardly grew. I have been listening to the BBC News and Newsweek podcast programs, but it did not bear fruit. Therefore, it is time to change my method of studying. Before that, I tried to analyze my problem.

Firstly, I usually fall asleep while I listen to the the BBC or Newsweek. The reason why is that I listen to them on the train when I go to work. It takes more than an hour and it is my precious sleeping time, which means I do not concentrate on the news very much. Thus, I need to make time to concentrate on it for at least 10 or 15 minutes.

Secondly, I need to enrich my vocabulary. I think that the “ESL Podcast” program is useful.

Thirdly, I found an English study club, which practices dictating the CNN News and learns new vocabulary every Saturday morning. I am going to visit them this weekend and observe how they study.

I do not think that the above is enough to improve. However, I have
completely no idea what to do. I would like to know what the best method is for me!

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